Want to teach for Workshop Weekend but have more questions? You’re in the right place!

What, exactly, is Workshop Weekend?
Workshop Weekend is a weekend-long event made up of short workshops, all taking place in one venue.

The idea is to let participants explore their passions in a low-cost and low-commitment way. By spending just a few hours and a few bucks, participants can discover whether they like a particular field, or get help with their own projects, or just learn something new or do something they never thought they could! There’s no multi-week commitment, no multi-hundred-dollar tuition, and no feeling bad if they’re not interested.
What does teaching for Workshop Weekend involve?
In brief: sign up to teach, email your friends, and then teach — we’ll do the rest! In greater detail:
  1. Register your class/workshop online on this site.
  2. We’ll create an entry for your workshop in our catalog, and give you a link you can send around to anyone you think might be interested in your workshop.
  3. We’ll create a flyer for your workshop that you can download, print, and pass along to your social network. We’ll also draft blurbs you can use for the same purpose.
  4. Students sign up to take your workshop on our website.
  5. We send you a list of everyone who’s registered, as well as any materials fees we’ve collected from registrants.
  6. You run your workshop.
  7. After your workshop, we’ll ask participants for reviews of your workshop, and share their responses with you.
We handle most of the logistics — you just sign up to teach and run your workshop!
What should I teach?
Whatever you are passionate about! We are aiming Workshop Weekend at the maker/crafter/builder crowd, so naturally we expect classes in that vein will interest our audience the most.

That said, we are by no means the Ultimate Arbiters of Taste, so if you think your class will appeal, sign up! We’re explicitly not going to provide a list of example classes here — we want you to get creative, and don’t want to bias you!
Where do I teach?
Depends on the event! The teacher page you came from is for workshops in downtown Oakland.
We’ve run workshops all around the bay area, but our scheduled upcoming programs will take place in downtown Oakland.
Will I get paid for teaching?
We have a limited number of stipends available for teachers. If you’re interested, indicate thusly when you register your workshop and we’ll work something out! If your class requires additional materials, you can specify a “lab fee” that students will pay in addition to tuition. We’ll pass on this fee to you to reimburse you for your materials costs, minus any credit card processing fees (typically 3%).
How do I get students?
We plan to recruit heavily through various events and online channels. We’ll also give you a link you can share with anyone you think might want to take your workshop: clients, friends, customers, family, etc. Finally, you can also download a pre-designed flyer to hand out wherever appropriate.
My question isn’t answered. Can I email you?
Yes! Send us email at teach@workshopweekend.net.

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