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Join us in Oakland on in summer, 2014!

Workshop Weekend brings together makers, artists, crafters, builders, explorers with passions and curious learners of all ages.

It's a chance for you to share your skills, knowledge, or research. For many of our participants, Workshop Weekend will be their first experience with soldering, their first time sewing, painting, or sculpting, their first time learning from a practicing scientist or engineer, or the first time they put together a robot with their own hands and watch it scurry across the floor. Unlike Maker Faire and similar events, Workshop Weekend is designed from the ground up to be as hands-on as possible -- after most workshops, students come away with a tangible object reflecting their work: a robot, a glowing wire, a flower made of felt, a star chart, or a psychological profile of themselves.

In total, we expect a few hundred participants to attend the next Workshop Weekend.

Workshop Weekend is a labor of love. To make Workshop Weekend accessible to as broad an audience as possible, we don't want to charge per-workshop (apart from a materials fee, which you specify). Instead, we charge a small admissions fee to pay for the venue and for insurance. The admissions fee allows participants to attend any workshop with open seats.

We understand that teaching for Workshop Weekend has its costs, and we are willing to cover reasonable transportation expenses. Further, we recognize that not everyone can take a weekend off to teach without incurring a financial cost too. We have a limited reserve from which we can pay you a stipend if you fall into this category — let us know below.

I hope we'll see you soon!

— J.D. and Gil

Summary the tl;dr

  • Share your passion with 200 new makers, crafters, builders, and scientsits.
  • Inspire the next generation, who are just learning to solder, sew, and build a robot.
  • Meet other passionate people like you.
  • Take other workshops for free (pay just materials), and join us for a teacher/volunteer dinner.
  • We cover (reasonable) transportation costs.
  • Students pay a flat admission fee, plus a materials fee for your workshop.


We've collected some Frequently Asked Questions — but if you have more, email us!

Tell us about you

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Your workshops

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