Workshop Weekend: Business

Take your business to the next level with
an intensive, technology-oriented program

Join us March 22-23, 2014 at Tech Liminal

Take Your Business to the Next Level — attend Workshop Weekend: Business

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Workshop Weekend: Business is presented by Tech Liminal, Oakland’s Technology Salon. Tech Liminal has been disrupting traditional models of technology services by teaching business owners to do things for themselves since 2009.

5 things you can do at Workshop Weekend to make you better at your business

  1. Identify a product to take to market
  2. Plan your Social Media campaign
  3. Make yourself more efficient by using digital tools
  4. Build a website and email newsletter campaign
  5. Measure the success of your efforts by using analytics tools

Why learn from us?

We are a group of accomplished instructors and technology experts. We’ve built and sold businesses, transformed organizations, made software used by millions.

Today, we are passionate about showing you the secrets of our success.

Meet our featured instructors:

Anca Mosoiu
Tech Liminal

Anca has two decades of experience building applications and web sites for some of the world’s biggest companies.

Since founding Tech Liminal, Anca has become a WordPress expert. She offers hands-on coaching as well as consulting for organizations interested in improving their efficiency through technology.

Darlene Crane
PCI Crane Consulting

Darlene teaches small businesses how to grow though the PROPEL program, which grew out of the Created in Oakland program.

She has mentored dozens of Oakland’s most-loved indie businesses, including Paws and Claws, Bay Area Bikes, and Andrea Turner Massage Therapy.

J.D. Zamfirescu
Workshop Weekend, Co-founder

J.D. developed EtherPad, a collaborative, online text editing tool, which was acquired by Google. Since leaving Google, J.D. has organized and run over 10 Workshop Weekends at Tech Liminal with his brother Gil.

CB Smith-Dahl
Community Bridge Video

CB is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, Oakland educator who has always put the community at the center of her work.

She has taught for various programs, including Inner City Filmmakers, Streetside Productions / The East Bay Asian Youth Center, and Horizons / The DJ Project.

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